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African Safari

Welcome to the Ballarat African Association

The Ballarat African association (BAA) is a non-profit, non-political, non-religious, and charitable membership organisation led by a Committee of Management (“Executive Team”).

The BAA was formed in 2006 with Wilbert Mapombere as president and has continued to grow over the years with a group of 500 to 600 people joining us from the Ballarat community.


To Support and Uplift Africans and African Families in Ballarat; to Promote Issues pertaining to social and cultural connectedness within our community; and actively seek solutions to challenges faced by members of our community.

Community Profile

There are approximately 600 Africans living in Ballarat, but only 198 indicated their sub-ancestry as shown below.  This is largely consistent with the country-wide self-identification challenges with African Australians. The Ballarat African Association is poised to improve the statistics for our members.

Signature Project 2019-2021

Proudly supporting Emergency Services Personnel Across Australia and New Zealand