BAA Soccer Fiesta 2020

December 14, 2020

Ballarat African Association Inc is poised to re-brand the identity of African Australians in Ballarat and hopefully beyond. Thanks to ‘Sports Victoria’, this Soccer Fiesta was a COVIDSafe celebration of milestones achieved in 2020.

With SRCP funding from the State Government as co-funded by BRMC, we hosted 6 six-hour workshops with 42 sessions focusing on topics such as ‘Living a Life of Purpose’, ‘Self-Branding’, ‘Developing Personal Career Advancement Blue Prints’, Enhancing Economic Participations, Family Stabilities, Youths, ‘Breaking Stereotypes and Barriers’, ‘Interpersonal Skills & Overcoming Prejudices’, ‘Post-Traumatic Growth’, etc. Recordings are available on our website

The above topical issues are vital to and for our community. Our approach is to build from inside-out focusing on what is Strong through to making corrections for what is wrong as we enable our members to develop, sharpen and deploy their gifts and skills for the betterment of self and community at large.

We invite you to join us in 2021 for more of our workshops as we focus on other areas of Community, Professional and Self developments.

Soccer Match Aerial View

Soccer Match Elevation View