Monument des Martyrs Ouagadougou Burkina Faso
Monument des Martyrs Ouagadougou Burkina Faso

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BAA Soccer Fiesta 2020

December 14, 2020

Ballarat African Association Inc is poised to re-brand the identity of African Australians in Ballarat and hopefully beyond. Thanks to ‘Sports Victoria’, this Soccer Fiesta was a COVIDSafe celebration of milestones achieved in 2020. With SRCP funding from the State Government as co-funded by BRMC, we hosted 6 six-hour workshops with 42 sessions focusing on topics […]

Re-Branding Identities of African Australian Families- Brighter Tomorrow

December 6, 2020

“When we look back and reflect on the journey to date since we started this project, we would find that our commitment and yours are causing a paradigm shift within us all and within the wider community. Thank you for your continued passion and commitment to fostering stabilities for our families and for encouraging others […]

Re-Branding Identities of African Australian Families- Building Blocks

November 22, 2020

“The memories we make with our family is everything.”–Candace Cameron Bure BAA President’s Opening Remarks Self-Awareness Self-Motivation Self-Esteem Understanding Racism: Beyond Racially Charged Communities Promoting Intergenerational communication Empowering adolescents through conversations

Re-Branding Identities of African Australian Families- Foundation & Cradle

October 25, 2020

…Because we understand that “the family is the natural and fundamental group unit of society and is entitled to protection by society and the state; Various concepts of the family exist in different social, cultural, and political systems, but it is recognized that families are basic to the social structure and development of all societies”, […]

Workshop: Economic Shift-Excellence in Employment and Business Arena- Solidarity & Self-Care

September 21, 2020

The facilitators and consultants guided attendees to develop their own self branding while we explored some of the nine principles of Catholic social thoughts.  Opening Remarks from the President  Keynote: Sustainable Community Development: Aim of the Core Principles of Catholic Social Thoughts  Watch-out for more videos here!  Self-Motivation & Branding Self  Solidarity & Self-Care  Living a Life of Purpose: Overcoming Limitations  Self-Care: What […]

Articulated Recommendations for an Effective Co-Designed FDV Programs for CALD Communities

September 6, 2020

In the pursuit of sustainable ‘Prevention & Response’ strategies to Family & Domestic Violence issues across Australia. We continue to advocate and to cause systemic shifts to help all Australians and certainly our community further along with the efforts on eradicating Family & Domestic Violence.  We continue to advocate for the narratives to include a […]

Workshop: Economic Shift- Excellence in Employment and Business Arena (Do-It-Yourself Session)

August 23, 2020

This was a practical Hands-On session where our exceptional consultants and facilitators guided attendees to develop a 2 page career and business advancement blueprint. Case Story: If any One Can, Why Not Me? Sports as a lever for cultural identity rebranding  Exposition on Business & Career Advancement (Part 1)  Exposition on Business & Career Advancement (Part 2) 

Workshop: Economic Shift- Excellence in Employment and Business Arena

August 9, 2020

55 of our members attended an impactful online workshop discussing and acquiring pertinent tools for branding, purpose, business and employment. Please see below for video of recorded sessions. Living a Life of Purpose    Personal Branding  Case Story The Giant in Us. If I can, you can Public Sector Engagements-Getting in and Navigating the Government Landscape  Resilience […]

BAA bags government grant support

June 11, 2020

Partnerships that work. Ballarat African Association Inc. in the very heart of Community Development…Juliana Addison MP, Ballarat Regional Multicultural Council – BRMC, Ballarat Council Read the full story here.

Active Citizenship

May 31, 2020

Many thanks to Victoria Electoral Commission, interested members of the Ballarat African Association had a refresher on Australian core electioneering principles on Saturday 30 May 2020.